God Used RC…


Yesterday at 2:00pm, a faithful servant and stalwart of the faith departed this mortal coil and went home to be with the Lord. RC Sproul is now in the very Glory that he so faithfully preached for 46 years. There is agreement that RC Sproul was the Calvin, the Luther of our time. Millions have been impacted by the faithful service of RC and Ligonier Ministries, including myself.

The hashtag trending on Twitter at the moment is #GodUsedRC.

God certainly RC in the life of me and my wife. It was from RC that I grew a love for church history and for men like Luther and Calvin, who were for me, unknown. It would be through RC and his teaching fellows that I learned of just how sinful I was and that salvation was purely a work of God’s grace alone. Sitting underneath my television are many Ligonier Teaching DVD’s. My wife and I have been blessed by the Biblical and Sound teaching that RC and his team at Ligonier have produced over the years.

RC Sproul joins the list of the Long Line of Godly Men and now rests in eternal joy and happiness with His Master, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank You RC.


Stephen M.




Forge Forth!


Forge forth ye men who remain,

Forge forth and do not tarry in vain.

Forge forth though our fathers have passed into Glory,

Forge forth, be of good cheer and do not worry.

Forge forth as a candle in the darkest night,

Forge forth in the power of Godly might.

Forge forth and proclaim loudly the Gospel call,

Forge forth as watchmen who stand guard on the wall.

Forge forth ye men and be not idle in this age,

Forge forth boldly the Gospel upon the worldly stage.

Forge forth until we have completed our race,

Forge forth till we see our Savior’s face.



S.J, Melniszyn