Book Design Blurb

I have been fortunate of late and over the past few years to design a few book covers. After all, I went to school for Design and I am happy to be able to use the talents bestowed upon me. These talents are not of my own doing, but gifts from God. I look to use these gifts to showcase solid biblical books. I love designing book covers and print publications and to have the opportunity presented to me has been a blessing. My newest cover is for pastor Nate Pickowicz, an honorable pastor and teacher in New England area. This will be his third book and I am privileged to have him ask me to design his third book. This book design has been a great project and in time for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. I am so happy to had part in this project and I recommend this book to all who love Sound Biblical Theology. We are looking to have the book released by the end of August, Lord willing. So, keep us in your prayers!


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