This Pilgrim

There is not much that I can write or even boast about of myself. I am but a simple man who works and comes home as most men do. I am married to a loving wife who is above all Godly and caring. I am still quite amazed that God would give me such a woman, but I am happy beyond measure that He did. My life is less than ordinary I would say. Though, I will say my life like all others has been thus a vapor. In one month, I shall be forty-years old. To many I am still young, but in my mindset, I see my life half way. With those thoughts I think to myself, what have I done and what shall I do with the time remaining unto me.

My life has been one of rocky beginnings and tempestuous storms that have been throughout my life. I have been on the top of many peaks and have spent time in many valleys. I have had many transitions in my life, most notable was my time in the military where I spent a good 14-15 years, but even that breezed by me. Now, I reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma where I am a manager of a very successful Laundry Business. Aside from those duties, I am like Pilgrim walking, crawling if you will toward the Celestial City. daily I face the challenges of this world. From the temptations of the mind to the world before me.

I suppose I created this blog just to share my thoughts, my feelings and at times, my occasional rants. I have been really had at keeping this updated in the past, but now I want to spend more time on here writing. I feel that writing helps me to express the many things Believers tend to go through. So, I say thank you for following and I look forward to sharing my musings with you all.