About Me

This is where I write a long paragraph about who I am, but I will not subject you to such pain. In fact, I do not think that I can write a many paragraphs on who I am. So, here is the gist of who I am…

I am a ripened 40 year old veteran of the USAF. I reside here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am happily married to very loving and Godly woman who has not run away from me…yet. I work as a full time manager of Liberty Laundry (Not Even I know where your lost socks disappeared too) and work part time as a Graphic Designer. I like creating and working on Book Cover Designs when I can.

So thats really it. Oh, and I like to write, always have. Though I must say in the last couple of years I have fallen off and been in a creative slump. So, this is why I have the blog, to get back into writing.

Other than that…not much more…like I said…not a whole lot to say, except, thanks for stopping by.