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Why We’re Protestant

This week, Why We’re Protestant hit Amazon and from what I have seen, orders have been pretty big. I am happy for my dear friend, Nate Pickowicz. I am also happy that the cover printed very well. That is perhaps the nerve racking part of the job, waiting to see how your design looks when it is printed. I have to say, that I am impressed. I will say though that Create Space needs to improve on their templates, but other than that they have been amazing thus far. I have done all my designs all through CreateSpace and every time there have been minor problems, but the staff is pretty good about getting back to the author and letting them know what needs to be corrected. I have also have to thank Pastor Nate Pickowicz. He has given me the privilege of doing this cover, which to me is an important cover. I mean, all covers are important, because they basically give you insight as to what is the content of the book, but for this one, it was much more special. It is special because this year marks the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. A very pivotal moment in history for the church. Important because truth then had been lost in superstitions and mystical ideas that no where near biblical. Also, because Truth had been withheld by the Roman Catholic Church, thus starving and enslaving the people to a false spiritual system that damned instead of saved them. From Jon Huss, to Luther, Calvin and onward, God would raise men to restore the truth of the Gospel during these times, thus rescuing men and women out of the slaver of darkness and into light, Post Tenebras Lux. 

Today, though, many have forgotten as to why they are are in fact Protestant. Churches today withhold the great rich history of the church. In doing so, history is lost and the most important doctrines that were brought back to the church have all but been placed in the back and buried as entertainment has taken captive of the church. For most, people’s church history starts upon the day of the their conversion. We are now in a period of darkness in the church, just as what Luther faced in his time. Nate draws upon the battle cry of the Reformation, the Five Solas. If we want revival in our land, we must have a Reformation today. Pulpits must throw away the wisdom of the world, the drama teams, the quest for cultural relevance and stand on the sole authority of Scripture and Scripture alone. Right now, as George Whitfield has said, we have dead congregations because dead men stand in the pulpits. 

So, when we are asked, why are we Protestant? Let us have a solid answer. Let us a have a firm understanding of what it means to be Protestant. So, go and get Why We’re Protestant today. I pray this book opens the eyes of the sleeping churches. I pray that in our time we would see what Jonathon Edwards, Whitfield, Spurgeon saw in their time: the true salvation of the souls of men and logic on fire emanating from the pulpits once more.